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Famed Baritone Sax Solo: Crispin Performs with Darlene Love

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Crispin Cioe Plays Famed Baritone Sax Solo on The View.

Saxophonist Crispin Cioe plays the famous baritone sax solo as he returns with Darlene Love to ABC-TV’s “The View” to perform on her classic holiday hit, “Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)”. Singer Darlene Love performed the holiday classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on Late Night with David Letterman for 24 years. After Letterman retired, Darlene has continued the holiday performance on ABC’s The View virtually every year since 2015.

Beloved Baritone Sax Solo

During the performance, Crispin plays with the band through the song. He then steps forward to perform the indelible bari sax solo.

The Most Moving Holiday Song

Darlene’s song is beloved by audiences. Among The 65 best Christmas songs of all time, Timeout has declared “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Darlene Love as the most moving.

Is this the most moving Christmas tune of all time? Probably – the combination of Darlene Love’s impeccable pleading vocal, Phil Spector’s gloriously tinselly production and Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry’s magical songwriting could make anyone, even the biggest Scrooge, melt like a snowman under a hairdryer. It’s just an absolutely perfect Christmas song.

Andy Kryza, TimeOut

Whoopi Goldberg Sings Backup

Darlene’s appearance on “The View” has become a holiday tradition for the show and for Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the show’s hosts. On “The View”, Whoopi enjoys singing as a backup singer for Darlene, who got her start as a backup singer. She was featured in the Academy Award winning documentary “20 Feet from Stardom“, giving backup singers the credit they deserve.

Snapshot of Crispin Cioe with Whoopi Goldberg Crispin Cioe with Whoopi Goldberg on The View when he plays Famed Baritone Sax Solo.
Crispin Cioe with Whoopi Goldberg

Crispin Regularly Plays with Darlene Love

Crispin performs regularly with the R&B diva and has worked with Darlene and producer Steven Van Zandt toward the release and launch of her debut album, “Introducing Darlene Lovewith an extravaganza kickoff performance at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ with a 60-piece ensemble, followed by performances at the Grammy Theatre in Los Angeles and the Whiskey A Go Go. Elvis Costello is songwriter of album’s first single, “Forbidden Nights”.

Darlene Love is a Holiday Tradition

Darlene Love has performed classic holiday hit, “Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)” on “The View” every year except for 2021 when New York’s Covid surge played Grinch. A member of her band contracted the virus, putting the group in quarantine. “The View” simply aired an earlier performance. You can watch Crispin play with Darlene — including that famous bari sax solo — in the full recording of a recent performance below.

Touring with Darlene Love

Crispin Cioe tours regularly with Darlene Love. He has appeared with Darlene Love at the Levitt Pavilion in Westport, Connecticut. Additionally, the saxophonist has performed with Darlene Love in Lowell, Massachusetts, and at venues throughout the northeast, the east coast, and across the United States.

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